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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Letting It All Out

I haven't had the inspiration to write in any of my blogs all summer. A large reason for that is that I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and have spent all summer feeling nauseous and fatigued due to the pregnancy. It worked out that I had this extra long (longer than usual) summer while feeling sick, because now that work is ramping up again, I am grateful that I have more energy and a stronger stomach to handle what's coming at me.

One kind of frustrating, but potentially positive aspect to being pregnant is: hormones! I am quick to cry lately and while being "hormonal" and emotional may seem unprofessional and downright silly to people, maybe it is actually healthier to be able to have such raw emotions. Perhaps we ordinarily bury, suppress, and ignore feelings that we would be better off feeling and expressing.

Just think about young children and how they are so quick to cry. Yes, the crying can be frustrating and the tantrums can be intolerable at times. But, I take a look at my toddler son and can't help but think what a wonderfully Zen little guy he is. When he's happy, I know he's happy. When he's mad, I know he's mad. And when he's sad, I know he's sad. After dealing with "professional" adults all day long, I totally appreciate the honesty with which my son exists. I think that in many ways, my hormones are giving me a taste of being a toddler in the same way. Whatever I'm feeling these days, I'm just letting it all come out. As a correction, I guess it's not so much a matter of "letting" since there's no stopping it. Whatever the case, I must say that I have never slept so soundly and so hard.

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