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Friday, May 22, 2009

No More Left To Give

Do you ever feel like you have no more left to give? That is how I've been feeling lately and so I think that's a sign that it's definitely time for a good break. Luckily, today happens to be Friday and this weekend is a three day weekend thanks to Memorial Day. Now, I could go on and on about all of the reasons why I feel so burned out. And, sometimes it is definitely necessary and useful to vent. But, I want to start my long weekend on a good note and so I think I'll try to brainstorm things that I'm thankful for or happy about, because there is definitely a lot of good to outweigh all of the reasons why I'm feeling negative. I think just need to remind myself of them.
  1. I woke up this morning and found that my sweet husband had cleaned up downstairs while I was sleeping. All of the toys had been picked up, he put away bags of junk that had accumulated during the week, and he vacuumed! I'm sure he even did more stuff like dishes, taking out the trash, and cleaning up pet messes. I have the best husband in the world and he is what lifts me up on a regular basis.
  2. For breakfast, I got to have a homemade chocolate chip cookie! Again, thanks to my awesome husband, I got to eat what is probably the best homemade cookie around. He baked these last night only after making his world famous eggs for dinner. Yummmm!
  3. This morning I had a message in my inbox from my friend in Japan. She and I knew each other in junior high and happened to reconnect over the Internet. People may complain about how technology can divide people, but in this case it brought us together. I love reading her messages!
  4. My entire outfit today is compliments of another friend who provides me with bags full of hand-me-down clothes from her adult daughter. Since I don't like to shop, these gifts are truly appreciated. I end up with a whole new wardrobe without having to spend any money. She gave me a bag just yesterday when we met to talk and catch up. I used to work with her and we would talk every single day about our lives. While we don't get to see each other so often anymore, talking with her is so easy whenever we do meet up and I appreciate her friendship.
  5. Last night, my Wittle One was wanting to nurse/suckle all evening long. From the time we got home, he just wanted to snuggle in my lap for several hours. Although this can sometimes get tiring, yesterday I just relished it. I enjoyed feeling him lying on me with such comfort and trust. I realize that this phase in our life is so short and so I just soaked it all in and let him go as long as he wanted. I love him so much.
The list could go on, but these are some of the first things to pop into my head from today and yesterday. Interestingly, just typing these has made me feel a calmness. I guess I should take the time to do this more often.

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