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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I work with libraries for my job and today someone asked me about the Dewey number for a book about blogging. As it was our system's first book about blogging (yes, we're a bit behind the times...), we didn't have other examples in our catalog to reference. Well, 006.7 it is! It's always fun to find the Dewey number for something I like. Inspired by the blogging Dewey question, and also by the DDC blog with its "DDC PEOPLE" links, here are a few more random things I like:

  • 394.2646 = Halloween
  • 599.55 = Manatee
  • 636.7 = Dogs
  • 636.9356 = Hamsters
  • 636.93592 = Guinea pigs
  • 636.93593 = Chinchillas
  • 746.432 = Knitting
  • 746.434 = Crocheting

This also reminds me of my recent visit to the Santee Public Library. In the children's area, they have a rug with pictures of various topics and their corresponding Dewey numbers (see picture on the left). My son, who is madly in love with cars right now, kept running to the rug and plopping down on top of the car. He would sit and then adjust his bottom so that he could admire the car beneath him. Just getting to be in proximity with the car picture made him glow.

So, in honor of my son: Go, 629.2! Coming in second place with him is 796.3 for ball games. And, perhaps in third place is 649.33 for "Mommy's Milk"--although depending on the time of day, 649.33 is still tied for first!

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